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What does TBH mean on Facebook, Twitter?

In our day to day lives, we come across terms like Cul8r, BRB, G2G, ROFL, LMFAO, WTF, OMG! I’m pretty much sure that we are all aware of these conditions by now. If not aware, at least we have seen them multiple times on social media platforms, in texts, comments, status updates and while chatting with our friends. These days the literary communication has been shortened to such extent that people find writing full forms old fashioned and outdated. Do you know what do they mean? I mean, you might be knowing what some of them mean? So, what does TBH mean on Facebook?

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What Does TBH Mean on Facebook ?

Ever wondered what the actual synonym is? The English language has been evolving to our dismay in ways that “Selfie” has become the Oxford dictionary’s word of the year. What more can you expect? Thanks to the internet, people now talk less and text more. Especially the youngsters are always seen with smart phones/smart gadgets in their hands that they don’t have time to live in the real world. As they are getting habituated to this kind of culture, the language they use is also evolving which includes a lot of shortcuts. Thanks, for internet, that it is creating new trends. Coming to the point, one might have seen a lot of your friends posting Facebook statuses saying “Like my Status for TBH.” So what does TBH stand for on Facebook?
TBH is just one of the major used acronyms you come across the social media platforms. For those, who don’t know the meaning of TBH, which is a term used as a part of the internet slang, ‘TBH’ stands for the phrase, “To be honest.” The usage of this term is mostly found when a person is giving an opinion. When does a person give an opinion? Well, let’s see! In the case of political issues, debate forums, opinion platforms or fandom communities. Interpretation plays a crucial role in the internet communication.

What does TBH mean on Twitter?

There is a high possibility for people to interpret it entirely different from what you have said. This is why the mode of transporting sarcasm has become weak and almost impossible through the web. This is when TBH comes to the rescue. Yes, you have heard it right. TBH comes handy not only to give out honest opinions but also in times where one wants to use sarcasm but can’t. For example, to put something straight without being exactly offensive but in an offending way, like “I think we used to be besties TBH, but now we are hardly two strangers”

However, one thing to consider about the internet slang is that most of the users that are active are the teenagers, who are still studying, who doesn’t have much of things to do in a day. Therefore, as a mode of time pass, they find spending time on the internet intriguing and entertaining. Therefore, most of the times instead of using the term in honest cases, they are used to state offensive/rude and unpleasant opinions in the most unexpected cases like “TBH, I don’t like you and no one I have known till now likes you much either” or “TBH, I loved you, but you were always an asshole”.

Facebook is turning ten this year. However, it has just been as of late that another pattern called 'like for a TBH' has surged in prevalence. While tweens (pre-adolescents – running from 10 to 12 years of age) are practically fixated on this pattern, it can prompt web tormenting and can prompt a ton of hurt feelings.E.G. 'TBH are my best friend.'Or,E.G. 'TBH I don't generally know you, and I don't generally like you.' So, yes TBH is used for many situations . However,  the usage of it is more and has universal significance on Facebook much more than other social media networks.

Why do people use TBH?

What does it mean when everybody utilizes OMG, TBH, BRB regularly?  The web is not by any means the only place that these other dialect ways are taken, in any case. Text messaging has additionally been advanced by the utilization of "web" slang. With such a variety of youthful grown-ups growing up utilizing just slang, it is nothing unexpected that the instruction framework has taken a major hit. While it might be snappier, it is by no mean the most helpful.

Be that as it may, hold up! Try not to accuse the present era of youngsters of the end of the English dialect. Sources have found that acronyms have been recorded being used as far back as 1917. This was when acronyms started gaining popularity. English Admiral Lord Fisher composed a letter to Winston Churchill and incorporated the expression "OMG" (Oh my G*d). The same likewise goes for 'LOL'. The present, most essential, utilization means 'roar with laughter', yet this acronym has been being used for a long time, and initially said 'bunches of adoration.'
A couple of another web utilizes for "TBH" can be found by a Google seek. However, their utilizations are much more unprecedented. It is used by Tracey Brunstrom and Hammond, and TBH Capital Advisors, for instance, organizations that give budgetary and venture administration and exhortation. Moreover, a few organizations and authorities use "TBH" as 'to be enlisted', which symbolizes occupations/handle that has yet to be filled.

TBH there will most likely come a period when "TBH" stands more for something else, yet for the interim, it just passes on somebody's feeling which could be utilized as a part of a hostile way. So in case if you want to start using TBH, make sure you use it in a subtle and an appropriate way like a cherry on top, or as smooth as cutting the cheese slice. With the help of TBH, one can say anything that comes to their mouth and therefore, it is mandatory for the user to know about its importance. TBH, i.e., “To be honest” is an online currency that helps you build bonds and also enhances grooming with other people.
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