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Have you heard TBH ? TBH is most commonly used acronym while texting . Do you use facebook ? . It is very frequently used on social networking sites .  You would have encountered people making posts with "like for a TBH". The term “like for a TBH ” is solely related with Facebook . New generation Facebook users have started using the term - Like for a TBH  . Now a days it has become a trend to use TBH slang on social networking .Teenagers are getting addicted to the term "like for a TBH" over social sites generally when they comment  on their friend . It simply  gives them the opportunity to start conversation with their friends .The person who wants to know - "what others think about him ? " can go for "like for a TBH" and in return he becomes eligible to receive compliment from the person.

The use of TBH has crossed all the limits  . Its popularity increased  so much that by seeing its popularity TBH-app has been released . At present the TBH app runs with IOS and android platform ; The App  works with the rule that users have to communicate with “honest-sayings” . More and More people are getting attached with TBH-app day by day . Intrested people can download it from App-store .  For understanding all these mighty TBH-related terms , it  is needed to understand what TBH actually means !
What Does TBH Mean


Like for a tbh and TBH are directly related . First going towards T.B.H . A  "TBH"  generally means - to -be- honest .  TBH is a shorthand notation for- " to be honest "  . It speaks of - that the user is unbiased and is speaking with his full consciousness  . For example , when I say “ TBH  you are very beautiful “ - I mean to say that that I'm saying this honestly   and in my opinion you are the best . “Like for a TBH”  is a way of using TBH on Facebook 

Facebook users have  find a very innovative way of directly putting forword their feelings over internet .They prefer using like for tbh over other methods for clearly expressing themselves . It is like inviting others for getting a TBH comment from that person.


If a person on facebook says-" like for a TBH " then he means  to say  that  " if you will like my post then I will let u know how do I feel towards you.  "like for a TBH " inspires the (TBH-user) to clearly express -  what he feels about those persons(who liked his  post) or about all those person’s recent posts . It will not be wrong to say that it indirectly means that “ if you want to get close to me than like my post ” .

It has become a way of starting conversation with any person . People also use it as for increasing likes on their post, it is similar to -  like my post and in return I will like yours and will let you know my opinion towards you"like for a TBH" is sometimes used with the sense - "like my picture for a TBH " the person who receives a like is invited to freely comment back on every that person who had liked his post .Broadly speaking – It is used as an acronym for  “truly- speaking .
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