Thursday, 20 October 2016

What does TBH Acronym mean

Have you ever encountered the word “TBH “ . Those days have come where people are getting addicted to short & unique terms called slangs . TBH is among those words that  had recently flooded  the internet . TBH is most frequently used word while texting , in facebook, tweeter,instagram and in many other feilds .The way TBH is used , it will not be wrong to call it a slang .  Ever wondered what does it means ? . Our youngsters seems to be tech-hungry use it more profoundly . To move in parallel with our younger section  it is important to understand why it is used and how ? . You would have also seen TBH in facebook as – “like for a TBH “ . Internet is filled with many such versions of TBH . Here in this article we will going through some of the TBH versions and their respective uses . But first of all it is needed to understand what does the word TBH means ?? .

What does TBH Stands for ?

Going towards the Full – form , TBH is shorthand notation for - " to-be-honest " . TBH is used with the general meaning "I am speaking correctly" . When a person uses TBH - "he means that honestly I am saying this". The use of TBH as acronym is done mostly by our shortcuts loving  younger generations  ;  instead of saying  “ honestly ,I really mean to say this - “ they use TBH as acronym for the same meaning .

TBH Definitions and Its Uses

Different people can have different definition for TBH . It depends on which context they are using it. For example , when I say “TBH this is the finest painting I have ever seen” . It means that with my full consciousness and presence of mind I am declaring that -I like this painting .  Now a days TBH is frequently used by teenagers and our young generations . Teenagers may  use the same TBH for expanding their friend circle  for example - "TBH this is awesome dude . How did you do this ? " , or sometimes to start a conversation with the person they had their crush -like " TBH  you look amazing ".
In this world of hacks and shortcuts instead of playing big sentences like -" this is my opinion and I really feel this "  people prefer to say that just three alphabets -TBH .

TBH as  Acronym in Facebook:

Nothing can match the use of TBH in facebook . Facebook daily deals with thousands of GB's of text data . Thousands of people use facebook just for texting .  Have someone  noticed any posts saying  "Like for a TBH ".!! ?. Such kind of posts have now becoming common to everyone .   Every day thousands of people uses TBH in facebook . If a person posts like "Like for a TBHthen it means that like my post and  invite me to comment something on you . It indirectly means -let yourself know what I feel towards you(or your recent activity on facebook) for the expense of just a LIKE.
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