Thursday, 20 October 2016

What does TBH,Rate and Date mean?

Here you are going to know about a term is known as TBH.What does TBH mean ?TBH stands for? to be honest, basically "to be honest" is a well known phrase of English language .TBH is generaly used while speaker commenting on anyone truthfully.In English language "to be honest" is an example of adverbial dis junction,which indicates the attitude of speaker towards the sentence.

What does TBH mean?

What does TBH really mean? Coming to the realistic meaning of word To be honest.Now a days TBH is being the one of the most important slange of social networking sites.Most of us are Facebook and Instagram users, we frequently use this term "Like for TBH".Sometimes people are usually habitual of making like any post but for any observation purpose we generally mention that like for TBH. Now a days there is a trend if you like my post  I will also like your post sometimes people did not enjoy the post but they still like it because previously  he/she liked his/her's post.

There is frequent stratagy for increase like on social networking giving blind thumbs-up on each an every post and they expect that next time most of them like their post.Sometime people converse to their freind sometimes strange people and request them for a like.One of the funniest thing that some people used to increase their like by using some tools,applications and many more things like this.This all happens for being popular on social networking sites.TBH really mean? If you like my post then I shall let you know that how does I feel towards you?

What does TBH mean? Pictures

Many of us watch motivational photos,quotes and videos sometimes while reading the books we often find TBH but not all of us are hip and herd about it do not bother it. Here we going in the breif discussion of What is TBH?. 'To be honest' is the property to making belive to listner or reciver that you are facet of moral charecter or a property of you on which he does not believe.TBH slange is generally used before a user gives his/her honest thoughts or opinion.

What does TBH Rate mean?

TBH is a popular slang on social networking sites people genarally use this slang while chatting with any one or while updating their status.Have you ever wounder What does TBH Rate mean?Let’s quickly know what does TBH rate mean? Many of us usually update our status with Rate for a TBH.For example,if someone posted Rate for a TBH then he means to say that like my post then I will rate as per your recent activity.Generally rating is done in between 0 to 10,where 0 stands for worst case and of course 10 for best one.

What does TBH Date mean?

What do you think about date?Yes, TBH date mean? A satge of romance when a peoples is in romantic or a sexual relationship and they meet socially is basicaly dating,but on social network site it is little bit different if any one post that Date for a TBH?then if want date him/her then you have to like his/her’s post.Then if that person is also intrested in dating you then he will defiantly reply you.

Why "to be honest"?

Why we need to specify that we are being honest? Why to be honest?All these questions arising in our mind for this we need to understand that what is honesty means?Too much honesty might be seen as undisciplined openness but we all must be heard about a well known phrase "honesty is the best policy".From our school days we learnt that honesty means not to lie,cheat,steal,mislead at any cost.Over all this means we do not do things which makes our moral down.Being honest means if you did some mistakes and you accept it that you did the action,is known as honesty action.
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