Thursday, 20 October 2016

What is TBH Abbreviation? Definition

TBH acronym is generally used before a user gives his/her honest thoughts or opinion,which indicates the attitude of speaker towards the sentence. Many times we use this acronym for giving compliment to anyone, Suppose you are a badminton player and I am observer of your game and fare the match I like your game then I compliment you that I have never told you this but TBH the way you play the game and did the smashes I really love it.

This is the prerequisite of any communication speaker or sender must know about receiver For example I text to my friend and he does not know what is TBH? then is difficult to understand what I am trying to express.

History of TBH abbreviation?

Any innovation can only happen if people have some difficulty before that innovation,In simple words solution of any existing problem is innovation.TBH acronym is also an innovation and this innovation is done by teenager’s who love to spend time on social networking sites. This innovation happen for less key stroke while texting or updating your status. This provide less typing and speed while texting.this is best article about What is TBH Abbreviation.

TBH abbreviation on social media?

TBH is one of the most popular slang on social media. Most of us had already use it, if not don’t bother it.TBH has a double meaning. It still means “to be honest,” but it is used as a game. Often, the game can be a way for other people to express derogatory opinions of their friends and peers in a social setting for others to see.

TBH is expressed in different way on different social networking sites let know about this. What does TBH mean on popular social networks.

On Facebook:

On social networks TBH is used as game,this game is premise of getting honest opinion from a person who will like your post,Most of us has played this funny game on facebook. The premise of this game is to get an honest opinion from the person who posts TBH as their status update. To play this game, people have to like the posts, which lets the game initiator know that you are willing to play. Once you get a like,user who likes your post then you have willing to let him/her know your honest opinion that what do you think about him/her.

On instagram:

Most of us are aware with Instagram.Instagram is a picture-centric social networking site and one of the most of important feature is Instagram allows hastaging.A hastag TBH can be use any sort of context, whether serious or joke,many people can view the pictures even they did not follow him/her if he share with #TBH.

On twitter:

Twitter is a social site that allows people to acquire followers based on common intrest. In comparison to other social networking site on twitter has tagging is more frequently used.

By adding a has-tag to the acronym like TBH everyone can link to the has-tag to find out what other are taking about when they refer to TBH. Many people use it as game a way to speak their opinion about something that is trending or to share a picture that they have posted on instagram.
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