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What is TBH slang?

Let’ s go through the What is TBH slang?Slang is made up or consist of lexicon(vocabulary of person,language or branch of knowledge) of non standard words and phrase in given language. The ever-evolving bastardization of written and spoken language as a result of social and cultural dolization of uneducated,unintelligible celebrities. For example, Go out side and see how DAT boy is rockin’. Some times these type of word does not exist in dictionary but for the comfort ability purpose and most of the time for less typing people use it, collection of these type of words or phrase is known as slang. Let’s see some slang that we use generally on social networking sites while chatting or updating our status and all, UG:ugly,Broken: Hangover from alcohol etc there a many interesting slang.
TBH Slag

TBH as a slang?

TBH term as an opportunity to vent about one other’s weakness or physical appearance. In simple words making belie to listener or receiver that you are facet of moral character or a property of you on which he does not belive. For Example: TBH, today you are looking so beautiful I can’t explain it in words.

I think it is also important to know that majority of the slang users are being teenagers.

Sometimes people use TBH in different ways:

To Be Honest:

TBH short-hand for “To Be Honest” and most of us use it on social networking sites for getting their friends option on their post what they honestly think about him. We all learn the honesty lesson from our childhood. There is no need to discuss about honesty. One thing very important

know this ”Too much honesty might be seen as undisciplined openness.”

When as response to a question but you never heard about that term before then you said To Be Honest I did not know about this or when are going to give an interview and you are not prepare anything about that and when we are discussing to our friends, we said this To Be Honest I did not  read anything. Most of the time Engineering student’s has better experience about it.

Top Bar Hive:

Top bar hive is a beehive that is single storied and framless, that hangs from removable bars.

These are rectangular in shape and greater than twice of the as wide multi story framed hives. Basicly top bar hive are popular among some Bee-keepers who belie it is more natural from bee-keeping.

There is an other popular slang which has very similar to TBH.

TTYT(To Tell You Truth):

This slang is also use when anyone wants to give his honest opinion on any particular subject. This acronym is also frequently use on social networking sites. Like my status or my post TTYT.

What is TBH slang on facebook?

As we know facebook is one of the most popular social networking site, as facebook is popular among us same as TBH is also popular on facebook not only facebook but many of the other social networking sites, we frequently use this term "Like for TBH".Sometimes people are usually habitual of making like any post but for any observation purpose we generally mention that like for TBH.

TBH is an slang,acronym that encourage to social networking site user to express what they honestly think about anyone’s post ,thought or opinion. This all make happen for being popular on social networking sites. Find out what your friends really think about you,If you like my post then I we let you know that how does I feel towards you?
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